A Cambridge PhD student is making art to fund her studies

A Cambridge University PhD student is making artwork to help pay for her studies.

Kalifa Damani, 27, from Trinidad and Tobago, is in the second year of her PhD in Educational Technology at Corpus Christi College.

The multi-talented Caribbean student has taken her childhood pastime to the next level to deal with expensive tuition fees.

Kalifa said: “Art started off as a hobby. I’ve liked drawing since I was little, and I started painting as a teenager.

“It was my best subject at school and I did very well in A-Level Art.”

Kalifa started working as a graphic designer at a newspaper after she left school and “wasn’t actually planning on going to university”.

But her talent was recognised when she won a government scholarship which paid for university tuition.

So Kalifa gave up her job and achieved a first class honours undergraduate degree in Psychology and Film at the University of the West Indies.

She was then offered a place to study for a Social and Developmental Psychology Masters at Cambridge.

Kalifa’s artistic success and academic ability have led to her being featured in Trinidad and Tobago’s national press.

In an appearance on Trinidadian breakfast television, she said: “I got into Social and Developmental Psychology because I really wanted to help young people to achieve their best in education and business – to become good entrepreneurs and good citizens.”

But funding UK university study was difficult, and Kalifa started a Go Fund Me campaign in April 2015 to offer her illustration services and ask for donations.

To see more of Kalifa’s artwork or to commission a piece, visit her Facebook page or email her at kalifadamani@gmail.com.

You can also donate via her Go Fund Me page.

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