Jamaica Music Museum Taps into Mento Sweetness for Reggae Month 2017


Tanya Batson-Savage (Susumba) writes about all the events coming up for Reggae Month 2017 at the Jamaica Music Museum’s Groundation events. This series of performances, lectures, screenings, and readings are organized around the theme “Mento: Is ow de Music Sweet So.” Here are a few excerpts including upcoming events for this weekend, February 5-6, 2017. Among the mento bands slated for this month, the Jolly Boys (my favorites) will be performing!

For Reggae Month 2017 the Jamaica Music Museum will be searching for sweetness. The JMM’s annual Groundation events will be exploring the rhythms and message of mento under the theme ‘Mento: Is ow de Music So Sweet’, using film, music and discussions. Groundation 2017 boasts another impressive roster of participants including Colin Channer, Dionne Jackson-Miller and Carlos Malcolm. Three mento bands: The Jolly Boys, Blue Glaze and Mento Madness are also on the line-up.

Groundation 2017 will officially open on Saturday, February 5, [. . .] with the premiere of Pimento and Hot Pepper: The Mento Story at 1:00 pm. The documentary was directed by Rick Elgood and produced by Bill Monsted.

The first lecture takes place on Sunday, February 6, exploring the relationship between mento and tourism. While the overall theme for the event is ‘Take Her to Jamaica where the Rum Comes From: Mento and the Calypso Phenomenon in Tourism’, it will take place in two parts. The afternoon begins with Dr. Daniel T. Neely’s presentation on the Emergence of Native Music in Jamaican Tourism after which he will be joined by Dr. Matthew Smith. The Jolly Boys will close the afternoon’s session. [. . .]

For full schedule of events, see http://www.susumba.com/music/news/jamaica-music-museum-taps-mento-sweetness-reggae-month-2017

Also see http://us9.campaign-archive1.com/?u=25334f7462ab8b9db9b693537&id=59c533426b


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