Turks and Caicos: Where women hold the top jobs


BBC reports on Turks and Caicos, “where women hold the top jobs.” [Photo above from Turks & Caicos Weekly News: Bahamian-born Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, first woman premier of Turks & Caicos; photo below, by TCI Government Press Office: “Top public posts in TCI’s legal field are also held by women.”] Not to take credit away from Turks and Caicos, but I suspect that this may be the case on many of our Caribbean islands; a wider study would be in order. Feel free to add your comments in the “Comment” section below. 


Here are excerpts from the BBC:

Hillary Clinton may not have shattered the ultimate glass ceiling, and indeed women globally still occupy a meagre percentage of top public sector posts, but as Gemma Handy reports, there is one Caribbean country where females are bucking the trend.

December saw the election of the first female premier of the tiny British territory of Turks & Caicos (TCI). She is Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson.

Women also claim the titles of deputy governor, attorney general, chief justice, chief magistrate, director of public prosecutions and five of the seven permanent secretaries, among others. In fact, with more females markedly outperforming their male counterparts, efforts are now being made to motivate young men in a bid for equality.

Turks & Caicos’ Gender Affairs Department, traditionally aimed at empowering women, is shifting attention towards helping high school boys “become more focussed and take up pivotal roles in society”, says Deputy Governor Anya Williams.

That includes everything from official commemoration of International Men’s Day, to “build a boss” summer camps which teach young men vocational skills and include seminars on peer pressure, anger management and communication.

[. . .] So how did the women of Turks & Caicos achieve what many others still dream of?

See the rest of the article on success stories at http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-38679913


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