Caribbean Flavor at Center Lovell Inn


Many thanks to Jennifer Adams, who shared this interesting item about a charming bed-and-breakfast in Maine run by a Caribbean couple whose restaurant features exquisite Caribbean influenced cuisine. The article is by Joe Ricchio (Down East) and the photographs are by Mark Fleming. Center Lovell Inn is located at 1197 Main Street, Lovell, Maine. Here are excerpts; this great review speaks about how Rose and Prince Adams arrived in Maine, but mostly focuses on descriptions of the mouth-watering food served by Chef Rose Adams. Read the full article at Down East:

It’s not surprising that Center Lovell Inn, a beautifully restored 1805 Georgian-style farmhouse in rural western Maine, induces a Zen-like serenity in those who visit. It’s almost impossible to harbor worries when you’re seated in the screened porch-turned-dining room, nursing a snifter of rum and gazing at the majestic White Mountains.


But Lovell is an unexpected location for a restaurant that serves dishes like double-fried cassava — crispy and sweet, with a bracing, garlicky mojo dipping sauce — and tostones (fried plantains) with creamy deviled crab dip. Chef Rose Adams owns and operates the inn with her husband, Prince. Her menu is filled with the warm, inviting flavors of Caribbean, West African, Creole, and Indian cookery. Every Saturday, she carefully toasts and mills a blend of spices into a paste for the curry of the week — fiery pork vindaloo, maybe, or Jamaican-style curried goat. [. . .]

Caribbean cuisine may seem out of place in the western Maine mountains, but the Adamses serve it up with classic island ease.

For more information, call 207-925-1575 or visit

Read full article at

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