Miss Universe Bahamas dazzles with the help of Bahamian designers


Robbin Whachell (The Bahamas Weekly News) writes about 24 year old Cherell Williamson of Nassau, Bahamas, and how she has been looking stellar, donning exclusive designs by local designers Theodore Elyett and Javotte Bethel:

According to Theodore Elyett this was the first time in 13 years that a Miss Universe Bahamas wardrobe was provided by a Bahamian designer. After seeing Cherell glide across the Miss Universe stage during preliminaries in his “Golden Goddess” gown, Theodore wrote the following on his Facebook page, “…yup…crying my eyes out [. . .]” The Golden Goddess gown was chosen by Cosmo Style Philippines as one of their top 20 favorites.

Cherell’s dazzling national costume was created by Bahamian designer Javotte Bethel, who is no stranger to pageant national costumes, in particular after her incredible piece “Sea Goddess” for the 2014 Miss Universe pageant became quite the controversy. Cherell’s outfit, resembling the Commonwealth of The Bahamas coat of arms is being reported and seen among the best of the costumes at this year’s pageant by a variety of international news media.

For full article, see http://www.thebahamasweekly.com/publish/bahamas-fashions-and-designers/Local_designers_help_Miss_Universe_Bahamas_dazzle52281.shtml

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