Dominican Republic judge rules for embattled national park


Dominican Today reports that the Superior Arbitration Court on Friday ruled against suspending the Environment Ministry’s January 29 deadline to evict farmers and squatters in Valle Nuevo National Park, in Constanza, Dominican Republic.

Judge Rafael Vasquez’s ruling comes after hearing the request for a restraining order by the companies Granja Mora, Flores Antillanas and Flores Purama. “The request would have as a consequence a definitive decision…”

The owners of Granja Mora, Flores Purama and Flores Antillanas, claimed that the resolution violates administrative rules and the Constitution, because it was adopted without adhering to “the common rules of administrative procedure to elaborate administrative rules and plans, without procedure of public hearing.”

The high Court had previously ruled against a restraining order to change Environment’s 120-day deadline announced Sept. 29 to proceed with evictions in Valle Nuevo, where farmers and ranchers have to harvest the last crops, dismantle infrastructures and equipment and remove livestock.

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