Jorge Perugorría: “Latin American cinema is committed to our reality”


Renowned Cuban actor, Jorge Perugorría—who stars in Panamanian film Kimura—highlighted the commitment of the Latin American cinema to the reality of our countries, where auteur cinematography is a common and distinctive feature in this type of art. Prensa Latina reports:

Perrugoria, who makes his debut today in the Panamanian cinema after the release of the film ‘Kimura’, thanked the good relationship existing between local filmmakers with the International School of Cinema and Television in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.

The actor of iconic films such as ‘Fresa y Chocolate’ (1993) and ‘Guantanamera’ (1995) praised the activism of the current Panamanian seventh art, to which he wanted to ‘contribute his bit’ with character Manfredo, a sports promoter with a bad social reputation.

He wanted that behind the personality of an economically well-established and successful guy, there would be a detail that would demonstrate his turbid, criminal, marginal past, a bad head as a young man, Perugorria explained when referring to the script written by Aldo Rey Valderrama and Diego Otero, and to which he had access through a friendly producer.

Directed by Rey Valderrama, who studied in Cuba as well as producer Jeico Castro, the film tells a family drama focused on the redemption and the importance of forgiveness to move forward.

‘Kimura is a mixture of colors and sensations, inspired by the old school. It has a certain darkness, it will cause very rich sensations,’ said Rey Valderrama.

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