Kingston Book Festival Becomes Biennial Event


Susumba reports that the Book Industry Association of Jamaica (BIAJ) announced that the Kingston Book Festival (KBF), usually held every March, will become an biennial event, with the next staging taking place in March 2018. KBF was one of the BIAJ’s flagship events and the 2017 edition would have marked its milestone 5th year. 

The festival was the brainchild of writer and publisher Kellie Magnus during her tenure as the BIAJ’s Publishing Director. Magnus also functioned as the KBF chair.

[. . .] BIAJ Chairman, Latoya West Blackwood explained that the decision to shift to a biennial staging was a strategic move to ensure the festival’s sustainability. West Blackwood advised that although the association would gladly reconsider returning to annual stagings should funding be available to sustain it, at present, it wasn’t practical. [. . .]

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