Ishion Hutchinson and Vladimir Lucien at the 2017 Jaipur Literature Festival


Caribbean poets Ishion Hutchinson and Vladimir Lucien recently participated in a conversation called ‘In search of a muse: On writing poetry’ at the Jaipur Literature Festival, held in Jaipur, India, from January 19 to 23, 2017. Here are excerpts from the Jaipur Literature Festival blog:

Where does poetry come from? How do poets find their words? What does the process of creating a great and memorable poem involve? In a session that explored these frequently asked but seldom answered questions, the Jaipur Literature Festival hosted seven poets from around the world, as they discussed their work and their muses. [. . .]

[. . .] Vladimir Lucien from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia read out his poem Corbeau, about the vulture-like bird that is connected to the ‘deep archives’ of St. Lucian culture. ‘It inhabits proverbs,’ Lucien explained, saying the bird had flown to ‘symbolic heights’ in the island’s psyche.

[. . .] Jamaican poet and essayist Ishion Hutchinson described the process with poetic succinctness: ‘painful.’ He elaborated that the act of writing poetry is ‘a sort of exorcism … you want to get rid of this pressure but there is no way out. It is now a part of you and you have to live through it.’ [. . .]

A short report is available here:

A video of the conversation can be watched here:

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for the links to this event.]

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