Cuban Film Poster Exhibition Opens at UNESCO


An extensive exhibition of film posters made in Cuba was opened on January 19 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, as proof of the extraordinary boost to cultural activity in the island nation in the 1960s, after the victory of the revolution, according to Cuban Ambassador to UNESCO Dulce Buergo (see Prensa Latina and Cubacine):

This statement was made by Cuban Ambassador to UNESCO Dulce Buergo when opening the exhibition, also highlighting the importance of posters in the Cuban artistic creation in recent decades. The exhibition is presenting around 40 materials from the ’60s, made for films made in Cuba and numerous countries from around the world. Among the works exhibited, there are some notable posters, such as that for the short film ‘Now,’ by Cuban outstanding filmmaker Santiago Alvarez, the one for the Cuban film ‘Lucia’ and others.

The posters are part of a collection, property of the family of young French man Darius Kaufmann, who inherited the materials from his grandfather, a communist militant that traveled to Cuba several times in the subsequent years to the victory of the revolution. In statements to the news agency Prensa Latina, Kaufmann said these posters are proof of the tremendous cultural opening in Cuba, starting in 1959, especially in the case of cinema.

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