Possible charges against a ‘living statue’


For those of you who enjoy arguing about the boundaries between art, performance, transgression, and other related topics; and for those who are concerned about the occasional arrests of Cuban artists like Tania Bruguera, for example, here’s an event to consider: in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, Johan Figueroa, performing as a “fifth season”—at a fountain at Plaza de Armas, which displays sculptures representing the four seasons—was arrested yesterday at noon. Friends on Facebook have been asking, “What was the crime?”

The San Juan Municipal Police were consulting with the prosecution yesterday afternoon to determine which possible charges would be levied against the young man, who was placed under arrest while doing executing an artistic performance one of the main squares in Old San Juan.

Municipal Police commissioner Guillermo Calixto said that Mr. Figueroa, crossed over a fence that had been placed around the square, in order to carry out his performance, in which he was dressed and painted in white to represent what would be the “Fifth Season.”

Calixto said, “There is a fence placed there to prevent any accidents during the San Sebastián Street festivities. He crossed that fence, we asked him to understand that there was a potentially dangerous situation and that he could perform elsewhere. He answered that he preferred to be arrested.”

For original article (in Spanish) see http://www.elnuevodia.com/noticias/seguridad/nota/consultanconfiscaliaposiblescargoscontraestatuaviviente-2282673/

2 thoughts on “Possible charges against a ‘living statue’

  1. I saw Alexandra’s program about Johan’s arrest in Telemundo, without reading this article. After reading the article I understand that people here continue to not be disciplined. If whichever platform was fenced, that means NO TRESPASSING!, period!
    The article says he preferred to be arrested, than get off the platform. Then that was a risk and choice of disobedience in his behalf.

    I love Johan’s art! But he also has to understand that if that certain place was fenced for safety purposes he has to obey the law no matter what!

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