Natural approach to the fashion world: Sophie Adams


Jessie Moniz Hardy (The Royal Gazette) writes about a fresh face in the fashion world, Bermudan model Sophie Adams, and her support of the natural look (and apparently, also supported by Zone Models in London and Next Model Management in Miami).

Unwaxed eyebrows, curly hair, no make-up ­— many models would recoil in horror. Not Sophie Adams. She takes the natural approach to finding modelling gigs. “I stopped straightening my hair,” said the 23-year-old. “I stopped waxing my eyebrows. I don’t wear make-up. If you want to shoot me, you will shoot what I have. If you want to make me a different way that’s fine, but I am just going to be myself. It portrays a better image to people out there.” She signed with two agencies last year: Zone Models in London and Next Model Management in Miami.

Ms Adams got her start in 2013 when she was spotted by a talent scout at the Evolution Fashion show at City Hall. She was sent to an agency in London, along with another Bermudian girl. Things didn’t go so well. “We were told we needed to lose ten pounds,” said Ms Adams, who works out five times a week. “I think the style at that time was for skinny models. This is my body shape. I can’t get physically any smaller unless I did damaging things to myself.” [. . .]

Learning to love herself has been an important part of her journey. As a child, she hated her mane of curly hair. Now, she feels it helps her stand out. “I used to cry about it,” she said. “Girls would tease me. I always wanted to straighten it when I was younger. I’m in university in England. In the UK there are a lot of straight-haired, pale-skinned girls. I do get quite a tan in the summer.”

She got lucky with Zone, which only opened its doors in 2015. “They are all about a fresh approach to modelling,” she said. “They want you to be healthy and they want you to be you.” [. . .]  Her big break so far has been a job for online fashion magazine Cake.

[Photograph above by Natasja Fourie; source: The Royal Gazette.]

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