Empowering Tracks by Joey Bada$$


In “Happy B’day Joey Bada$$: Listen to His 4 Empowering Tracks,” Leah Sinclair (The Voice) invites readers to celebrate conscious rapper Joey Bada$$’s birthday. We should point out that Joey Bada$$—born Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott on January 20, 1995—upholds his St. Lucian and Jamaican roots. Sinclair lists ten politically charged songs that “tackle social, political issues within the black community” and features videos for four of them:  “Land of the Free,” “Like Me,” “95 Til’ Infinity,” and “Devastated.” Check out the original article to listen to these tracks. Sinclair writes:

“Sixty years ago we had speakers, we had civil rights leaders and these people were famous on a rock star level,” said rapper Joey Bada$$, during a BBC Radio 1 radio interview after the Ferguson grand jury decision was released. “Now today we don’t have these leaders. The people now who have the power to move people are rappers. These rappers are not taking the responsibility that they really need to be taking.”

Those were the words of Joey Bada$$, the young New York-based rapper who’s known for speaking out in light of news affecting the community. The just turned 22-year-old year old often tackles socio-political issues throughout his music, and uses it as a platform to influence and insight discussion amongst a younger generation. To celebrate his b’day, we’ve charted the 4 most politically-charged Joey Bada$$ tracks, that are sure to get you thinking as he raps about race, the American justice system and plenty more. [. . .]

For full article, see http://www.voice-online.co.uk/article/happy-bday-joey-bada-listen-his-4-empowering-tracks

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