Women’s March on St. Croix

chrsib-0b3658e13e13d7c2As the St. Croix Source reports, the Women’s March planned for Washington, D.C. has inspired nearly 300 other “sister marches” to take place from 10:00am to noon, Saturday, January 21—the day after the U.S. Presidential Inauguration. San Juan, Puerto Rico and Christiansted, St. Croix have joined the hundreds of cities around the world that will host marches. The St. Croix march will begin at the library at King and King Cross Streets. From 10:30 am to noon, people will gather at the Fort Christiansted Bandstand. The St. Croix Source writes:

All 50 states, including Puerto Rico and now St. Croix, are confirmed to have at least one grassroots-led march on the day as well as 55 global cities on six continents, from Tokyo to Sydney, Nairobi to Paris to Bogotá.

During the Women’s March on St. Croix, people will join Americans and sisters and brothers worldwide who will unite in towns, cities and schools to march in solidarity with communities affected by hate, intolerance and acts of violence. The aligned marches will seek to reaffirm the core American values of freedom and democracy for all at a time when many fear their voices will be lost, specifically related to women’s rights, immigrant rights, worker rights, reproductive rights, LGBT rights, environmental rights, rights for all races and religious freedom.

The purpose is to send a message to the nation’s leaders in the new government on their first day in office and the world as well that the United States of America stands for values of human decency, equal rights and freedom from discrimination – recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.

This is an inclusive march; everyone who supports women’s rights is welcome. (FACEBOOK event page)

For original article, see http://stcroixsource.com/content/news/local-government/2017/01/11/women-s-march-st-croix-set-saturday-jan-21

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