New Book: Flose Boursiquot’s Close Your Eyes, Now Breathe


Close Your Eyes, Now Breathe offers poetry that is defiant, pained, evocative, visceral, and emotionally charged. It covers everything from politics, love, culture, feminism, loss, and nature with moving imagery. The pieces range from long to short, some serving as musical interludes while others embody the author’s spoken word roots. Close Your Eyes, Now Breathe speaks to the heart and mind while leaving readers with a desire to share their vulnerability unapologetically. #CYENB is a book that is much needed and will open discussions while healing wounds we are afraid to touch.

Flose Boursiquot is a 24-year-old Haitian-rooted palm tree dancing in the Florida sun, dreaming of the New York chill she has known all her youth. She is a product of Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communication and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Her journey has taken her from Spring Valley, New York, to Delray Beach, Florida, all along moving people both through community organizing and through poetry. She recalls picking up the pen to write her first poem in third grade, and hasn’t stopped writing since. Flose is a poet, an activist, a survivor, a thinker, and a sharp, resonant voice flexing the membrane of our time. Words are her solace, her therapist, and her reason to live on. Flose’s intellectual influences range from Nikki Giovanni, rupi kaur, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche to Barack Obama. Flose spends her free time blogging on, losing herself in nature, traveling, and sharing smiles with her family and friends.

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