Teaching Junot Díaz 2

Writer and   professor Junot Diaz.

Another interesting set of items regarding the work of Junot Díaz, brought to you by Peter Jordens: Brianne Jaquette’s “Teaching Junot Diaz’s ‘Drown’ through the lens of critical patriotism” (PALS, 23 December 2016) and “Being an ‘American original’: Frameworks for teaching texts by Junot Diaz” (PALS, 21 December 2016).

In these two articles, Brianne Jaquette offers ways to look at Diaz’s work and to develop pedagogical frameworks from which to discuss contemporary authors. She also writes about her experience in trying to identify appropriate scholarly materials to better approach Diaz’s work. She identifies a framework proposed by Ben Railton in his book, History and Hope in American Literature: Models of Critical Patriotism.

For full articles, see https://teachingpals.wordpress.com/2016/12/21/being-an-american-original-frameworks-for-teaching-works-by-junot-diaz and https://teachingpals.wordpress.com/2016/12/23/teaching-junot-diazs-drown-through-the-lens-of-critical-patriotism

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