58th Casa de las Américas Literary Award


The 2017 Casa de las Américas Literary Award deliberations, now in its 58th edition, will be held from January 16 to 26 in Havana and Cienfuegos, Cuba. La Ventana reports:

Today it [the Casa de las Américas Literary Award] is one of the oldest in the continent. It has been held uninterruptedly, inviting and awarding thousands of writers and intellectuals from the region.

During these days, both in Havana and in Cienfuegos, the jury will analyze and choose books in different genres: novel, poetry, essays on historical and social themes, testimonial literature, and a prize for Black presence in the Americas and the Caribbean today.’

In novel section, the jury members will be Juan Cárdenas (Colombia), Ana García Bergua (Mexico), Milton Fornaro (Uruguay), Rey Andújar (Dominican Republic) and Ahmel Echevarría (Cuba). For poetry, the jury members are Leonel Alvarado (Honduras), Eduardo Langagne (Mexico), Selena Millares (Spain), Freddy Ñáñez (Venezuela) and Sigfredo Ariel (Cuba). In the social-historical essay category, the members are Pablo Mella (Dominican Republic), Berenice Ramírez López (Mexico) and Aurelio Alonso (Cuba). Testimonial literature will be juried by Stella Calloni (Argentina), Alberto Salcedo Ramos (Colombia) and Arístides Vega Chapú (Cuba). Brazilians Lúcia Bettencourt, Adriana Lisboa, and Guiomar de Grammont will be in charge of judging Brazilian fiction. For the second time since the foundation of the Program of Studies on Afro-America [Programa de Estudios sobre Afroamérica] Casa has convened a prize on this subject in the Americas and the Caribbean; on this occasion the works will be evaluated by João José Reis (Brasil), Silvio Torres-Saillant (Dominican Republic) and Gloria Rolando (Cuba).

[Poster above designed by Alejandro (Alucho) Rodríguez Fornés.]

For complete article (in the Spanish original), see http://laventana.casa.cult.cu/noticias/2016/12/20/58-premios-casa/

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