“Solitude,” based on André Schwarz-Bart’s “La Mulâtresse Solitude”


“Solitude,” based on André Schwarz-Bart’s 1972 novel La Mulâtresse Solitude [A Woman Named Solitude], will be staged in Guadeloupe at L’Artchipel’s Anacaona Hall on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, at 8:00pm. The play is adapted and directed by writer, actress, and stage director Fani Carenco. (It was previously staged in 2016 in theaters such as Théâtre Des Asphodèles in Lyon and La Villete in Paris.)

Description (from L’Artchipel): Figure of resistance, figure of revolt, figure of woman: emblem of the struggle against slavery, the mulatto Solitude will rise against the oppression and pay for it with her life. Fani Carenco brings to the stage the novel by André Schwarz-Bart, in an atmosphere bathed in Caribbean beliefs.

Solitude is a woman of legend. A child born of the rape of a slave by a sailor during the crossing that banished her to the West Indies; in 1794, she sees the abolition of slavery and then its restitution by Napoleon in 1802. She will then struggle alongside the insurgents… A woman for all women, for all struggles. The play is a diptych: it presents the Africa of Bayangumay, the mother, then the Guadeloupe lived by her daughter. The characters endure… and react. Three actors carry the story of this exceptional destiny. Through her adaptation of the novel, Fani Carenco reveals the timelessness of the revolt and calls into question the memory of men and the ease of forgetting. It reveals the formidable luminosity of people in resistance.

For more information, see http://www.lartchipel.com/evenement/mulatresse-solitude-andre-schwarz-bart/

For more on the original novel, see http://www.seuil.com/ouvrage/la-mulatresse-solitude-andre-schwarz-bart/9782020011723

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