“Hotmilk” by Guadeloupe’s Kelly Sinnapah Mary


Aica Caraïbe du Sud’s Dominique Brebion interviews Kelly Sinnapah Mary. Kelly Sinnapah Mary lives and works in Guadeloupe. Her new series, “Hotmilk,” was recently shown at two collective exhibitions: “Visions archipéliques” at Fondation Clément and “Echos imprévus: turning tide” at Memorial ACTe. Here is a short excerpt from the interview; see full piece at Aica Caraïbe du Sud.

[. . .] What are you presenting at Memorial ACTe in Guadeloupe and what are your other projects?

At the moment I am taking part in the collective exhibition commissioned by Johanna Auguiac and Tumélo Mosaka “Echos imprévus: turning tide,” which takes place in Guadeloupe’s MACTE; there, I present a series of drawing-collages entitled “Cahier d’un non-retour au pays natal,” as well as a photo installation entitled “Hotmilk.” At the same time, I am working on a publication in collaboration with Andyl Gosine (artist and university professor). Twelve drawings were commissioned for this project, and the book will be published in 2017, leading the way to an exhibition in Toronto. I will also participate soon in the collective exhibition “L’élargissement des fantasmes,” which was commissioned by Eva Barois de Caevel and will be held at La Maelle Gallery in Paris.

For full interview (in French), see https://aica-sc.net/2017/01/02/hotmilk-de-kelly-sinnapah-mary/

Also see more on the artist at http://kellysinnapahmary.wixsite.com/kelly-sinnapah-mary/about

See other related articles at https://aica-sc.net/2013/09/22/lartiste-un-etre-politique-en-eveil/



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