Casa Dranguet in Santiago de Cuba


Martha Cabrales Arias (Prensa Latina) writes about La Casa Dranguet [The Dranguet House], explaining how the historical site continues efforts to promote and uphold Cuba’s coffee culture, its past and its legacy.

The Dranguet House, named after the owner of the old hacienda, coffee grower Carlos Dranguet, is loctaed in a privileged environment in the historical center, near Céspedes Park. The Dranguet House—Center for Interpretation and Dissemination of the Cultural Heritage of Coffee—now publishes posts in an official blog as a way to promote awareness of a worldwide legacy recognized by UNESCO.

The site, launched last December, includes valuable informative materials related to the progress of the international project named Los Caminos del Café, sponsored by the City Curator’s Office [Oficina del Conservador de la Ciudad (OCC)], the Franco-Belgian Malongo Foundation, and the European Union.

The editors emphasize secular traditions related to the domestic processing of the drink, with manual modes of roasting and brewing rooted mainly in rural areas of Cuba. The platform also disseminates expressions of Santiago culture, such as the famous carnivals, which have been declared Cultural Patrimony of the nation, and others such as music and fine arts. One example of this is the space devoted to the French cultural imprint, as part of the program of the International Festival of the Caribbean, based in Santiago and celebrated every summer for 37 years.

Furthermore, the blog promotes initiatives associated with the consumption of coffee in its many forms and variants, with numerous gastronomic establishments such as the ones at Café Ven and others with settings that enhance the cultural imprint of this agro-industrial sector in Cuba. [. . .]

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