Anansesem [Lovely] Caribbean Children’s literature Ezine’s December Issue is Out


Anansesem Caribbean children’s literature ezine just published its December issue.

Anansesem is an online magazine of Caribbean children’s and young adult literature by adults and children. They strive to bring you the best in news, reviews and creative content from the world of Caribbean children’s publishing.

It offers a wonderful, culturally rich reading experience for the children and young adult readers in your life, so share it with the kids you love. It also offers interesting articles on the growing field of Caribbean children’s literature.

Here’s a sampling of the contents of the new issue:

• Clara in the New World, 2492 A.D. by Imam Baksh, Burt Award winning author of Children of the Spider

• Excerpt from Dancing in the Rain by Lynn Joseph, Américas Award winning author of The Color of My Words

• Bougainvillea Girl by Fidelia Fisher

• Playground Tra-la-la by Fidelia Fisher – See more at:

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