Cuba and United States agree on protecting the environment


OnCuba reports that last week, Cuban and U.S. authorities signed several memoranda of understanding on the conservation of wildlife and protected land areas, seismology, and meteorology and climate. The article stresses that, in addition to reviewing what has been advanced so far, the meeting also defined the steps to be taken before the official presidency of Donald Trump, who has threatened to revert the process of rapprochement between the two countries:

In addition to the Memorandum of Understanding signed this Tuesday between Cuban and U.S. authorities on the conservation of wildlife and protected land areas, another was signed this Wednesday on seismology and a third on meteorology and climate.

The three documents were signed as part of a visit to the United States by a delegation from the island’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA). With these documents, 15 agreements have now been established after the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between both countries.

The memorandum on seismology establishes cooperation in the exchange of information on seismic registers and related geological information, especially in matters related to events of this nature occurring in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Its signing reinforces the links between the National Center for Seismological Research (CENAIS) and the U.S. Department of the Interior through the Geological Survey (USGS).

Meanwhile, the instrument on meteorology and climate will cover the forecast areas, the models for atmospheric and climate conditions, the expansion and integration of meteorological observation and vigilance networks, and hurricane analyses and forecasts. Moreover, it will facilitate the joint research on issues related to meteorology, facing climate change, oceanography and atmospheric contamination. Their governing entities are the Institute of Meteorology (INSMET) on the Cuban side, and the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Cuba and the United States signed this Tuesday a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation and exchange in the area of the conservation of wildlife and protected land areas. The document was signed in Washington D.C. by U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel and the island’s First Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Environment Fernando González, who headed both delegations just a month before the presidential change in the United States.

“We trust that this document will mark the start of a sustained process of exchanges that will allow us to develop scientific researches and share the good practices in the management and conservation in areas identified as of common interest, for a beneficial cooperation between our nations, the region and for the world,” the Cuban deputy minister said. [. . .]

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