Loretta Collins Klobah interviews Jacqueline Bishop in “Bringing It All Together”


In “Bringing It All Together: The Creative Process of Artist and Writer Jacqueline Bishop,” Loretta Collins Klobah (University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras) interviews Jacqueline Bishop, author of the award-winning book The Gymnast and Other Positions, a collection of stories, essays and interviews. The piece was just published in Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal (13: 2).

Abstract: Jacqueline Bishop is an incredibly prolific writer and bold visual artist who works in various literary genres (poetry, flash fiction, short story, essay, novel, blog, interviews) and visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, collage, appliqué, quilt-making, weaving, embroidery, video-making, etc.). She has said that her latest publication is most representative of her, out of all of her published works, because as a hybrid text; it directly speaks to, addresses, and illustrates her exciting across-genre work. In the substantial interview “Bringing It All Together: The Creative Process of Artist and Writer Jacqueline Bishop,” Bishop responds to questions about her recently published multi-genre, award-winning book that includes provocative short short stories, essays and interviews. Tracing her writing and visual arts projects to various thematic and social concerns, she also recounts her childhood memories of Kingston and Nonsuch, Jamaica, as well as how the textile artistry of her great grandmother, grandmother and mother, continue to figure in and influence her diverse artistic output. Moreover, she discusses her mentors and her development as a Jamaican writer and artist located in New York, who is involved in multiple international projects. Other themes explored include the experiences of women, female sexual desire, the importance of including child characters in her writing, her recurrent references to memory, landscape and vegetation in writing and art, the impact of travel to France, Turkey and Morocco on her work, and several of her current visual arts projects.

Available at: http://scholarlyrepository.miami.edu/anthurium/vol13/iss2/8

Also see https://jacquelineabishop.com/

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