Caribbean Journal’s Rum Awards 2016


For the past five years, Caribbean Journal has celebrated the best rums around the Caribbean region. After tasting almost 300 rums [I’d like to be on that jury!], they just announced this year’s Rum Awards in 12 categories, from the Rum and Rhum Agricole of the Year to the Rum Bar of the Year, along with a special new category.

Here are some of their winners; check out their site for descriptions of each rum along with their runners-up: Rum of the Year: Jamaica’s Mount Gay 1703; Rhum Agricole of the Year: Martinique’s Dillon 1998 Édition Limitée; Best New Rum: South Carolina-based Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof [with rums from stills in Guyana and Trinidad, previously based in the British West Indies (Tortola?)]; Best New Rhum Agricole: Martinique’s A1710 Nuée Ardente; Best White Rum: Cuba’s Ron Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca; Best White Rhum Agricole: Guadeloupe’s Rhum Bologne Black Cane; Best Gold Rum: Jamaica’s Rum-Bar Gold Rum.

Check out full descriptions and other categories at

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