Travel and Book Project: “Jamaica Land of Film”


This sounds like an interesting project. Author of the forthcoming book Jamaica Land of Film Peter Polack partnered with Caribic Vacations to offer tours based on his research on films set in Jamaica. Starting from the premise that, “for over a century, film directors have chosen Jamaica land of wood and water” to film their productions, their signature tours will escort travelers through locations that showcase some of the most famous movies and actors connected to Jamaica.  

Description (from the Jamaica Land of Film site): If Jamaica were an actor she would have appeared in more than one hundred and forty-one movies.

The Jamaica Land of Film tour has been developed from extensive research by author Peter Polack whose book, Jamaica Land of Film, will be published by Cambridge Publishing in 2017. The tour, movie guide and book will chronicle new and previously unavailable information on over a hundred years of film production in Jamaica. The tour will showcase movie locations throughout Jamaica highlighting some iconic films with interesting behind the scene stories.

Peter Polack was born in Jamaica in 1958 where he attended various schools including Jamaica College until 1972, when he went to Denstone College boarding school in England. He is a proud graduate of the University of the West Indies and Norman Manley Law School. A criminal lawyer in the Cayman Islands since 1983, he resides there with his family.

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