New Book: “La rabia útil de los muertos: Una novela de zombis”


Ángel A. Rivera’s La rabia útil de los muertos: Una novela de zombis (Disonante, 2016) [The useful rage of the dead: A novel about zombies] is now available in bookstores in Puerto Rico as well as on demand (via Libros On Demand). Miguel Adrover Lausell describes the novel as “kinky, bloody, absurd,” underlining that it is a novel that does not apologize for using “the zombie as a metaphor for what is going on.” He continues:

“This novel has zombies in space; zombies at the UPR; zombies on the entire planet. There are many who want to kill the living dead; we already have many plots that make zombies and humanity—like two wings of a sick dove—fight one another, from Night of the Living Dead to The Walking Dead. And it all points to the end. We are in the middle of a massive 6th extinction, each passing year is warmer than the last, Trump threatens to win, and the people of Puerto Rico leave, leaving their houses and abandoned dogs, cats, and cars. Things are not looking good. Hate proliferates like a virus.

Who kills who? What keeps bringing us to this myth? Old impulses? Modern vices? The human condition? As long as these questions exist, the zombie and its rage—the gift we gave it—will persist. [. . .]”

angel_1276921306_nÁngel A. Rivera is associate professor of Spanish at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). His research interests include 19th- and 20th-century Spanish Caribbean literature and theories related to the exploration of limits or borders (i.e., the edges or places where multiple cultures touch or come into contact) and how Caribbean traditional modes of representation have been restructured to significant changes in cultural, literary, and historical contexts. Professor Rivera’s focus is on studying how “marginal” groups (radical Caribbean male intellectuals and women writers) view themselves within those borders and devising new representational structures for their survival or enfranchisement under challenging conditions. Among his topics of interest are: modernity and modernization, the genders of modernity, literary strategies used in the construction of a national and personal subjectivity, nationalism and literary discourses, the role of the intellectual and its relationship to literature, Spanish Caribbean literature, travel literatures, syncretic practices and literature, transvestism and strategies of representation, and consumer cultures. (Source:

For full description (in Spanish) and purchasing information, see

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