Cuban Singer Luna Manzanares Receives Order of Arts and Letters of France


Cuban singer Luna Manzanares will perform in her first major concert in Havana after having received the Order of Arts and Letters of France, where she starred in a musical based on Bizet’s “Carmen.” Prensa Latina reports that, on December 30, Manzanares will be performing at the Mella Theater, where her mother, artist Ana María Nardo, will also inaugurate an art exhibition:

In Paris, Luna, a graduate in Theory and Choral Singing from the Amadeo Roldan Conservatory, successfully performed ‘Carmen’ under the direction of Briton Christopher Renshaw and also performed Oscar Hammerstein’s Broadway musical, Carmen Jones. ‘One of the most incredible experiences of my life, 27 shows in three weeks, and the musical is a genre that demands the best of one as an artist: act, dance and sing perfectly, live’, said the artist in an interview with Prensa Latina.

Manzanares, who was the winner of the JoJazz in 2006, when she was 16 years old, has been working on her first album, under the Egrem label and with the musician Descemer Bueno, who wrote 10 songs on the album which, according to Manzanares, have different sounds in order to reach different audiences.

She will be performing some of these songs on December 30 at the Teatro Mella, in Havana, during a concert entitled Recuento, aimed at reviewing her career and celebrating 10 years of artistic life. On the list of guests is Bueno, the group Real Project, the trumpeter Alexander Abreu and singers Telmary, Mauricio Figueiral and Raúl Torres.

Manzanares revealed that she plans to release a song which she composed and will also perform versions of songs by the Beatles, Carlos Varela, David Torrens and others. The painter Ana María Nardo, the mother of the singer, will inaugurate an exhibition of fine art in the lobby of the theater before the show starts.


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