New Film: Patricia Ramos’ “El techo”


In “El techo, una película aterrizada,” Mayté Madruga Hernández reviews Patricia Ramos’ first film El techo [The Roof]:

El techo, Patricia Ramos’ debut film, is one of the most interesting proposals of Cuban cinema in this Festival [Havana’s Festival of New Latin American Cinema].

As a scriptwriter and director, Ramos went a long way to get her film completed, as she expressed at a press conference. “The script for this film was mutating. It was a beautiful process. We had many interviews for the casting, which is something I enjoy very much. This is a nice moment in which one begins to imagine how it is possible to embody [or bring to life] the characters that one created in writing.”

On the search for locations, the director recalled that it was a long search process, because “it had to be safe, not too noisy—in Havana—until we finally found it in Cayo Hueso [Key West].”

Regarding the image and visuality of the film, Alán González stated: “It was challenge for us, because it was a shoot that was almost always in the sun. It was exhausting. We wanted to portray Havana as she [the city] deserves: with dignity, without destroying it, but without sugar-coating it. We worked with natural lighting, for the most part.”

In that sense, Patricia indicated that she was interested in the visual universe of the roofs and proposed it as a refrain from which to construct a story about young people. “Because I write and direct, I feel that during the rehearsals with the actors, the film also gets rewritten.” [. . .]

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