Costa Rica and Nicaragua: Impasse about environmental damage


According to Tico Times, last year, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague gave Nicaragua one year – until December 15, 2016 – to compensate Costa Rica for environmental damage on the northern border. The Costa Rican government is still waiting for a statement but expressed willingness to extend the deadline a few more days:

Foreign Minister Manuel González said at a press conference on Friday morning that the Costa Rican government is willing to extend the deadline a few more days, hoping to get a response from Managua. González said this flexibility is based on President Daniel Ortega’s recent statements about Nicaragua’s willingness to pay Costa Rica for the damage, caused when Nicaraguan govenrment personnel entered Costa Rican territory and conducted dredging and logging.

“If those statements are genuine, then we don’t have any problem in giving them two or three additional weeks to reach an agreement,” he said, adding that he still hopes to achieve a friendly agreement with Managua regarding the $6.7-million compensation package that Costa Rica requested earlier this year.

[. . .] He noted that if Costa Rica does not receive a positive response from Managua, the government will send the case back to The Hague and ask International Court justices to set a final figure and a deadline for receiving the payment. [. . .]

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