Havana Film Festival Prizes Awarded Today


The organizing committee of the 38th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema will today announce the winners of the Coral Awards chosen from among the more than 100 films in the competition, Prensa Latina reports.
The judges, convened for the current edition, reviewed 18 feature films, 22 short-length and mid-length films, 18 first films, 26 documentaries, 27 animated films, 25 unpublished scripts and 24 posters.

Prizes will be given for the best feature film, short-length and mid-length film, as well as in the categories of directing, script writing, cinematography, performance, art direction, music, edition and sound.

The votes of those who attended the festival, which began on December 8th will be considered to grant the Audience Award.

The winners of the collateral awards of the contest were announced yesterday by Cuban and foreign institutions and organizations.

The Fipresci award, of the International Federation of Film Critics; the Signis award, of the World Catholic Association for Communication and the TeleSur award, of the multinational television network, were also delivered.

The International School of Film and Television in San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV), an institution to which the Havana film event is dedicated and Canadian producer, Helga Stephenson, who was the executive director of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), received the Coral Award.

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