Art Exhibition: Fabienne Cabord’s “Route de la folie”


In “Routes et déroutes de la folie: Pour une geo-topo-graphie de l’en-ville foyolais” (AICA) Cécile Bertin-Elisabeth (Université des Antilles) writes about Fabienne Cabord’s solo exhibition, “Route de la folie,” on view at the Gérard Nouvet Cultural Center in Fort-de-France, Martinique, from December 15th through the 23rd. Bertin-Elisabeth writes that, in Patrick Chamoiseau’s Texaco, the narrator explains that in Creole the term for “the city” is “l’en-ville,” which “does not designate a clearly identifiable urban geography, but essentially a content, therefore a kind of project. And this project, here, was to exist.” She continues:

Fabienne Cabord proposes her project. And this project, here, centers on an urgent re-humanization. Starting from a particular graphism, trademark of a style in which the geometrized/ geo-controlled symbols mingle, the exhibition Route de la folie [Route of Madness] invites you to discover and rediscover the foyalaise geogra-phy (from the Greek word “graphein,” meaning “to write”), starting with a street, located at the same time in the heart of the capital of Martinique, and, which at the same time, allows us  to move away to reach the heights of Gerbault /J’erre-beau, between” rue de la Piété and “Atoumo Passage.” There are so many names that place this “Route of Madness” in the area of driving out devils and questioning standards of beauty, which stem from the transmission and construction of models of identity as underlined by the revisited flag in BLACK Ô. [. . .]

[Image above: Fabienne Cabord’s “Popée2.”]

For full article (in French), see

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