New Book: Chronique de la « Décadanse » du Chef Suprême


Chronique de la « Décadanse » du Chef Suprême, by Castro Desroches, was published in October 2016. This is his second novel, following Les Enfants malades de Papa Doc (2015).

Description: After the “wild” success of his first novel (Les Enfants Malades de Papa Doc), humorist Castro Desroches returns to the guerrilla warfare against the anachronistic and carnivalesque regime of an autocrat from the Fourth World. A tropical Ubu and self-proclaimed Supreme Chief, the despot in “décadanse” has no more than an arsenal of big words and obscene gestures which he uses abusively. Unable to carry out his dreams of repression, he finally struggles in a labyrinth of contradictions that reveal all the pathos of the illness of power. In this parody of Latin American novels of dictatorship (The Autumn of the Patriarch; Mister President; I, the Supreme), Castro Desroches eloquently confirms his talent as a satirist.

Castro Desroches (born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti) studied social sciences at the École Normale Supérieure in Port-au-Prince and studied literature at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center in New York. An attentive observer of Haitian politics, he has published many humorous articles at AlterPresse, Haiti Liberté and ToutHaiti.

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