‘Granny Dances To A Holiday Drum’: A Celebration Of 15 Cultures Through Dance, Live Music


Denver choreographer Cleo Parker Robinson has traveled the world. The treasures she’s picked up along the way fill her office, and the memories from her travels inspire her annual winter show “Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum.” It’s a blend of live music, dance, spoken word and 15 cultures.

Presented by the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, this is the show’s 25th year and it is back in its original home: The Cleo Parker Robinson Theater in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood.

Parker Robinson says you’ll see dances honoring different winter-time celebrations: such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Chinese New Year, the Celtic Yule Time, Caribbean’s Junkanoo Day and the Winter Solstice.

“It’s a place where love and peace, harmony, and people of all cultures and all backgrounds not only try to understand each other, but celebrate each other,” Parker Robinson says.

Parker Robinson dances in it every year as Shakti, Granny’s guardian angel.

“Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum” runs through Dec. 18.

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