Caribbean-Born Entrepreneurs Launch Daily Blog For Women


A report from News Americas Now.

Two Caribbean-born women, one who has called the US home since 1992, the other, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands for the last 15 years, and their US-born friend, have come together to launch a daily blog to empower women.

Gemma David, Glenda Jack and Stephanie Gates launched, “a virtual destination for presenting all aspects of life’s issues and a platform for an ongoing social project to empower women” on Nov. 30th.

There will be something on there for everyone, David told NAN, while quickly adding it will not be a gossip or ‘celebrity’ news site. The focus, she said, is on raising awareness and consciousness especially about other Caribbean Diaspora women.

Among the first feature is a spotlight on NAN Publisher and Hard Beat CMO, Felicia J. Persaud. See the feature here.

“The aim is to inspire, stimulate and motivate subscribers to take that leap forward to make some positive change in their lives,” said David. “Subscribers can participate in the free business webinars or get access to programs to earn extra income.”

In addition to the blog’s “serious” side, subscribers can enjoy and participate in the site’s unfiltered posts on life, love, relationships, style and social commentaries, book travel, grab a book, shop in the Amazon powered store, pick up a great deal, or indulge in all things related to the body!

Texas-based David steers a small eLearning design and development business while Jack is a private wealth manager/advisor and Gates is a writer and educator.

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