Photography Exhibition: “Bob Marley: A Rebel Prophet”


“A Rebel Prophet” is a photography exhibition on Bob Marley’s early life and career by his then companion Esther Anderson. The exhibition will open on Thursday, December 8, 2016, at Dadiani Fine Art (located at 30 Cork Street, London, United Kingdom).

Description: An exhibition of photographic documentation of young Bob Marley by Esther Anderson, in the presence of the artist.

“A Rebel Prophet” documents Marley’s rise as a political rebel, a freedom fighter, a musical poet and the voice of the Third World. This series of photographs illustrates an emergence, a becoming, a transition between a street poet, a rebel who was political – but resisting the fact that he was and ultimately the man that Bob Marley was to become. Time Magazine and the BBC named him “Artist of the Century”.

At this time he had not yet evolved into the Rastafarian that he would fully become a few years before his death. In 1973, when the pictures were shot, Bob, Wailers and Reggae music was still unbeknown to the world. The pictures represent the launch of a fellow Jamaican Artist, Reggae Music, and The Rastafarians, as well as documenting the making of a legend.

This retrospective, through a series of intimate photographs taken by Anderson, is perhaps one of the most important events post Marley’s death, which marks Esther’s personal journey with Marley.


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