Puerto Rican Composer Edmundo Disdier Alvarez Has Died


Prolific composer Edmundo Disdier Álvarez died this past Sunday, aged 89, from heart failure at at the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital El Maestro in San Juan.

Disdier Álvarez was recovering from surgery when he developed an infection.

The renowned composer was celebrated for his versatility and was the author of over 300 compositions. A versatile musician, he wrote in many genres, including traditional Puerto Rican forms, boleros, tangos, waltzes, danzas and zarzuelas. His music was recorded by a variety of Puerto Rican, Caribbean and Latin American artists, such as Marco Antonio Muñiz, El Trío Vegabajeño, Los Kintos, Los Murcianos, Gilberto Monroig, Cheíto González, Chucho Avellanet, Los Hispanos, Danny Rivera, Carmen Delia Dipiní, Felipe Rodríguez, Davilita, y Lucecita Benítez, entre otros.


He is survived by his wife, Norma Pagán y their children Alfredo, Edmundo and Norma.

Disdier had a lovely singing voice. You can hear him singing his hit “Máscara.”



One thought on “Puerto Rican Composer Edmundo Disdier Alvarez Has Died

  1. Norma este es allister lennox (lenny) trabajamis en cushman &wakefield
    Me acorde de una fiesta en tu casa y despues de tantos anos ne sentido pesame

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