Frei Betto Calls for Keeping Castro’s Ideals Alive


Brazilian theologian Frei Betto urges the people of Cuba to keep alive the ideals of late historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.

‘Now Cubans must embrace the legacy, Fidel’s ideals, to avoid suffering all the scourge of many Latin American countries, affected by inequality, injustice and the abandonment inherent in the capitalism’, Betto told the Cuban television at the Monument to the National Hero Jose Marti.

According to Betto, Fidel is a paradigm and an ethical reference for the world because of his deep convictions and consistency in the willingness to build a more just and peaceful society. Betto said that the Cuban people should not feel alone in the loss of its historic leader because it has the support and solidarity of all those people that share the thoughts and actions of Fidel.

He also said that Fidel Castro led the Cuban Revolution for more than 50 years and survived the success of his own work, which he described as invaluable and exemplary for the progressive movements in the world. [. . .]

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