Sweet potato…cheese?


A report by Asha Cudjoe for Trinidad’s Express.

Are you a food enthusiast with a palate for cheese?

At Rose Foundation’s Food Exposition which took place on Wednesday at the Government Campus Plaza on the corner of Richmond and Queen streets, Port of Spain, we found long lines of people waiting to indulge in an exotic cheese named Kel’s Gourmet Cheese.

The cheese is made from several locally grown ingredients, including sweet potatoes, cashew, garlic and herbs.

Anntonella Kelone Williams has been the pioneer of this sweet potato delight.
For more than five years she has been making cheese and she loves it.

The fascination for cheese was initiated when Williams grew weary of seeking everyday vegetarian options that are healthy yet affordable.

“The cost of healthy manufactured products is expensive in Trinidad and Tobago,” Williams expressed.

Kel’s Gourmet Cheese undergoes three main stages: blending, heating and cooling.
The process prior to the refrigerating takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes then is packaged by the pound.

The cheese contains, vitamins A, C and D, magnesium, potassium and iron which help support a healthy immune system.

The carotenoids of the sweet potato give the cheese a rich mustard-yellow colour that is quite appealing to the eyes and can aid in reducing the risks of cancer.

“First World,” are the words the Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat used to describe the products made by local entrepreneurs at the exposition.

Williams said: “The positive feedback I have been receiving for the gourmet cheese is humbling. I have to give credit to the Rose Foundation, bpTT, family and most importantly God.”

Though this product is not yet on the market commercially, Williams operates as a sole proprietor through orders. For further enquiries, please call 384-8818.

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