Nicha B, Mr Hype Going For Back To Back SKN Soca Crowns


A report by LK Hewlett for WINNFM.

The 2015 Groovy Soca Monarch Nicha B and Power Monarch Mr Hype are ready to defend their crowns and pull off back to back wins this carnival.

Nicha B, who released his entry for the competition a few weeks ago, tells WINN FM it was a given that he would defend his crown this year.

“If I’m entering? I have to enter. I’m the king; I have to defend it.”

He says it’s not easy to produce original Soca music as most songs are about partying for carnival.

“Soca is a very difficult field of music because you don’t want to be singing the same thing all the time.”

Weighing in on the controversial lyric and music vetting clause the Carnival Committee recently implemented for Soca artistes entering the competition, relative newcomer to the art says he had no issues with the rule and has already submitted his material.

“I didn’t have an issue [with it]. I don’t know where all of these artistes get issues from, I don’t have any. You have to abide by the people’s rules or just stay out.

“I’m just abiding by the rules; the [Committee]should know what their rules are about and why they have them like that. So if you want to be in the competition you abide by them, if you don’t want to, then come out.”

The Soca Groovy King, who saw huge success with his break out song “Can’t Wait” says his latest competition piece “Just Can’t Stop” is already getting positive feedback and will no doubt earn him a two-peat.

Does Reigning Power Monarch Mr Hype feel any of his competitors can take his crown?

Mr. Hype says “what competition?”

“The other artistes? No, I don’t feel threatened at all. To me it all comes down to the final night singing your son and performing. I don’t really see competition so much, I just always try to focus on bringing what I know the fans would love.”

Mr. Hype tells WINN FM that while he was not 100% in agreement with the lyric vetting clause, he understood its purpose.

“It has really created a lot of confusion and conflict. I don’t think most people have really understood why the Committee wants us to submit lyrics and the music before but we were told it’s done in other countries and it’s in place to protect the artiste and the Committee, but to some extent I do not agree with it but a part of me still understands what the Carnival Committee is trying to do.

“Eventually I just submitted everything. I decided I didn’t want to be a part of any confusion or conflict that would more or less slow me down in preparing for the show.”

Nicha B may have to keep an eye on the Power Monarch as Mr. Hype has entered songs in both Soca categories. The Power Soca king says he plans to bring the “hype” back to the stage for 2016.

“One thing that people expect from me is hype as always and that’s never going to change. My style is different, my music is different, and that’s something a lot of people can appreciate.”

Thirty-two persons will compete in the eliminations for the Groovy category and twenty-two for Power.

Mr. Bagnall, one of the top contenders for Power and Groovy Monarch, registered for this year’s competition but subsequently bowed out.

Soca Eliminations take place November 24th and 25th, with semifinals on December 9th and the finals on December 24th.

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