Blue Gold: Suriname and Drought Conditions in the Caribbean


The Caribbean 360 article “How Suriname is Cashing in on Drought Conditions in the Caribbean” is less accusatory than the title would lead us to believe. It states that water-rich Suriname is now benefitting economically from the serious drought suffered by several Caribbean islands, and is now poised to “flood its regional neighbors with the precious commodity” to countries such as Barbados, Curaçao, and others.

Erlyn Power of the Dutch company Amazone Resources is quoted as saying, “Water is our blue gold. [. . .] I visit islands where people are having their water turned off and here we have so much of it that it’s just flowing into the sea.” This week, Amazone Resources will tow a FlexTank, a giant modular water bag made from PVC-coated material, carrying two million liters of surface water to Barbados and Curaçao as a test run.

The article stresses that Barbados, for example, has suffered prolonged drought conditions since last year. Already deemed a water scarce country, the drought has virtually depleted the island’s reservoirs. [. . .]

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