Well-known Guadeloupean saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart presents Jewazz with Grégory Privat (piano), Stéphanie Kerecki (bass), and Arnaud Dolmen (drums) at the Museum of Art and History of Judaism [Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme] located at 71 rue du Temple in Paris, France. This concert will take place on November 23, 2016, at 7:30pm and 9:30pm.

Description: For saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart, jazz has been a lens through which he makes sense of the world around him. A native of Guadeloupe, Schwarz-Bart has led projects inspired by Gwoka music from his homeland, Voodoo traditions from Haiti, and spiritual music from Cuba. Schwarz-Bart’s latest project finds him exploring yet another folkloric tradition—Jewish liturgical music.

Schwarz-Bart remembers being moved to tears by Jewish liturgical chants throughout his childhood, and as a tribute to his father, André Schwarz-Bart, selected several chants for jazz treatments.

Schwarz-Bart explains: When talking about Jewish Jazz, one automatically thinks of Klezmer music in one form or another. And yet, the songs that moved me the most during my childhood are the sacred chants from Jewish rituals. After researching the subject, I realized that they have been virtually ignored within the jazz genre. The Jewazz Project is the jazz recording and interpretation of Jewish liturgical chants, many of which carried the spirit of a people through 5775 years of history. These songs are emotionally charged historically, and for me, on a personal level, since this project is a tribute to my late father, the writer, André Schwarz-Bart. Finding the right approach has been a challenging but rewarding process. I selected the chants whose melodic contours would support a harmonic treatment while opening spaces for improvisation. This meant dropping the ones that are either thru-composed or static melodically. I then created an arrangement for each song that would instill in it all the elements of an original composition of mine, while trying to stay true to the original spirit of the piece. I feel that this music carries a universal message far beyond its religious significance. And I’m hoping to celebrate this message with people of all backgrounds throughout the world.

For original post, see https://www.mahj.org/fr/programme/jacques-schwarz-bart-jewazz-47152

For more information (in French), see http://www.jmp.fr/saison20162017/item/septembre-octobre-2016/jewazz-project.html and in English, see http://www.segalcentre.org/whats-on/upcoming-events/music/power-jazz-series/jacques-schwarz-bart-quartet/

Description adapted from http://www.jazzspeaks.org/the-jazz-gallery-presents-jacques-schwarz-bart-and-the-jewazz-project/


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