Grand Bahama’s Pinetree Stables


Recently, Hurricane Matthew hit the Bahamas. On Grand Bahama Island, private homes and businesses suffered varying degrees of damage. Pinetree Stables, home to 21 horses and 73 rescue cats, was closed temporarily, but is now is officially open, just one month after the hurricane. At Pinetree Stables, tour groups learn about the landscape and history of Grand Bahama Island, and “indulge in their love of horses” through customized eco-tours. According to owner and trainer Linda Buchanan, most people who book the tours are looking for spiritual relief or connection with the horses.

Unlike many of the traditional tours on Grand Bahama Island, Pinetree Stables offers the opportunity for guests to have a more personal experience, through customized eco tours. The trail, which allows visitors to ride through a pine forest with castle views, and gallop along cool dense hardwood coppice dunes and ocean views of Williamstown, will take anyone’s breath away.

According to Linda Buchanan, owner and trainer, most persons who book the tours are looking for some sort of spiritual relief or connection with the horses. The horses, which are Appaloosa breed, were all born in Buchanan’s lap, only to be nurtured and trained to embrace the island environment.

In fact, both Buchanan and Chris May, trainer and tour guide, practice Parelli natural horsemanship, and made a lifetime commitment to their horses as the preservation of the breed and humanitarian efforts are truly most important. [. . .]  Furthermore, those who take part in the specialized tours at Pinetree Stables will quickly realize how much the experience would impact the soul via the tranquil environment and engaging lessons. [. . .]

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