New Book: “Catch da Cat”


The Bahamas Weekly reports on a new book of photographs by photographer Alessandro Sarno and Bahamian writer Patrice Frances. Catch da Cat is a limited edition coffee table book that “captures with passion the authentic portrait” of Cat Island and its people. A book launch event is planned for early December in Nassau and Cat Island with rake and scrape music, poetry readings, photos, and a book signing event. The Bahamas Weekly writes:

The purpose of the book is to celebrate the beauty of Cat Island, its culture and people. To spark wanderlust and encourage both travelers from around the world and Bahamians to visit the island, discover the untouched beauty and connect with the locals, their stories and their experience.

The book is the result of a partnership between photographer Alessandro Sarno and Bahamian writer Patrice Frances. Patrice has curated the short poems and paired them with some of the most significative photographs. “We wanted to take the viewer beyond the photo, into a journey of national rediscovery.”

In her own words, Patrice says: “Catch the cat is a celebration of Cat Island on a canvas shared by poets who are honoured to scribe the indigenous charm and rich heritage of these isles…their isles. We invite the viewer to turn each page in festive anticipation, knowing that some angle or hue, some word or sentence, will inspire a personal and national rediscovery of what it truly means to be Bahamian.” [. . .]

“I hope the book will spark the desire to travel domestically and visit those beautiful out islands, in this case Cat Island,” said Alessandro. “My long term goal is to make one book per each of the main out islands. This is the first one, dedicated to Cat Island.”

For more information and Vimeo video promotion piece, see

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