CfP: X International Conference on Women in the XXI Century (Habana, Cuba)


University of Havana

Women’s Studies Program

X International Conference on Women in the XXI Century

March 6 – 9, 2017

First Announcement

The Women’s Studies Program at the University of Havana invites you to the X Scientific International Conference “Women in the XXI Century” that will be held March 6-9, 2017 at the University of Havana, in Cuba.

The general purpose of this meeting is to promote exchange, update and evaluation of academic endeavors regarding Feminism, Gender and Women’s Studies, and the Contemporary Feminist Movement.


Professionals, specialists and others who are interested in these topics.

Scientific Program

The conference will consist of panels, roundtables and individual papers.

Commissions & Themes

• Theory, Methodology & Feminist Thought

• Gender, Identity & Subjectivity

• Studies of Masculinity

• Gender & History

• Gender & Socioeconomic Development (including

experiences with gender equity projects)

• Gender & Rurality (including experiences with

gender equity projects)

• Gender violence

• Gender & environment

• Gender & Health

• Gender & Sexuality (includes LGBT studies)

• Gender & Education

• Gender & Work(paid & unpaid)

• Gender & Power

• Gender & Equity

• Gender, Art, Literature & Film

• Gender & Media Communications

• Gender, Race, Class & Ethnicity

• Gender & Religion

• Gender, Science & Technology

• Gender & Economic Crisis


Preregistration will be accomplished as follows:

• Bef o r e November 15, 2016, email to cmujer@psico.uh a summary proposal of 200 words or less that also includes: title of paper, author, author’s institution and email.

• By January 15, 2017, submit the paper to be presented to by email

attachment, using Arial 12 font and 1.5 spacing.

Also include the following information: title, author, author’s institution & email, presentation modality that is preferred (individual, roundtable or panel) and audiovisual technology needs.

Registration fee 100 CUC (120 USD)

Registration fees will be paid in cash during the morning of March 6, 2017 in the conference registration office, located in the Psychology department of the University of Havana.

Address: San Rafael esquina a Mazón, Plaza, La Habana

(near the University campus).

Those interested in participating can communicate with the President of the Organizing Committee:

Dra. Norma Vasallo

E mail:

Telephone: (537) 78783450

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