Cancun’s Underwater Museum of Art Unveils Newest Sculptures


The Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau announced that the newest addition to Cancun’s Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA), “Vestigios,” created by Elier Amado Gil, the current resident artist.

The fossil-like sculptures of a woman, man, and baby are intended to “evoke the future” by displaying human’s footprint on the ecosystem and natural world, according to Amado Gil. The pieces are also a contrast to the life, movement, and color of the underwater ecosystem of the Mexican Caribbean.


A press conference was held August 24 in Kukulkan Plaza announcing the addition of the new pieces, which were then submerged on August 30. The funding for Vestigios came from Asociados Náuticos de Cancún (ANC) and will be placed in the new gallery exhibition at the Punta Sam reef.

Founded in 2009, the Cancun Underwater Museum was created to preserve the Mexican Caribbean’s natural coral reefs by creating sculptures made with materials that are safe for marine life and encourage the formation of artificial reefs.

These three sculptures join a collection of underwater galleries of more than 500 statues.

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