Assen Dance Habana or Bringing Broadway to Cuba


OnCuba highlights Assen Dance Habana, a new musical show company that will soon makes its debut in Cuba. Directed by Cuban national Ernesto Tamayo with Argentinian choreographer Alejandro Assen, Assen Dance Habana aims to bring international musicals and Broadway hits to the Cuban audience. Gala Belén reports:

[. . .] Ernesto Tamayo, its leader and former actor of Teatro Estudio, is returning to Cuba after living a decade in Mexico. A disciple of great maestros of Cuban theater – among them Berta Martínez and Abelardo Estorino – Tamayo is bringing with him Argentinian choreographer Alejandro Assen, together with whom he created Assen Dance & Performance seven years ago.

“Despite the fact that we are competing with technological development, we have achieved a dance society widely positioned in the tourist destinations of Cancun, the Riviera Maya and Argentina. Today we are extending it to the island,” he explained to OnCuba.

What is most outstanding about Assen Dance & Performance is its aesthetics, with New York, Las Vegas or Paris referents – and its concept that the show is active, where the audience doesn’t sit passively to observe, there are not more than four movements and the songs don’t last more than three minutes. If we take into account that he always knew that his thing would not be acting but rather production, we understand why Tamayo has set himself the aim of placing Cuba in the most important catalogs of international showbiz.

Assen Dance & Performance does not work with professional dancers, according to Alejandro Assen. In Havana the company concentrates graduates from the national school of artistic education. “We bring together the best Cuba has to show it a new form, that of jazz ballet, of multidisciplinary dancers and singers,” he affirms.

After a bit over two months of existence, Assen Dance Habana has its presentation card, Sway, almost ready, a production that can be defined as a music hall, which offers a folkloric trip through India, Argentina, Spain, the United States, France, Russia and Cuba.

His foray into the Dance Broadway Center has allowed Alejandro Assen to assume the artistic direction of a 47-minute work non-stop and that, when finding coherence between the art of dance and commercial show, will compete with the world’s highest standards. [. . .]

The choreographer is hoping for a proposal that combines everything and awakens strong emotions. And Sway will pass through the classic Bésame mucho to the Gipsy Kings and La Vie en Rose with electronic music; as well as a tango sprinkled with salsa, a Colombian vallenato, a Hindu wedding, a tribute to the rumba and a Louis XV-style cha-cha. [. . .]

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