Noise Cans Does It Like Ah Pro


The Bermuda DJ/Producer blends island mythos and a slice of the Caribbean with Major Lazer-approved EDM sounds, Patrick Green reports for Crave.

Artists from Daft Punk to Deadmau5 perform behind masks to hide their identity, but for Noise Cans, the traditional Gombey mask he dons on-stage and in press photos reveals who he truly is. The DJ/producer hails from the island of Bermuda where the colorful iconic mask is a symbol for the rich folklore rooted in African, indigenous, Caribbean and British cultures.

Noise Cans exports not only the sights of his island homeland, but the sounds as well, incorporating traditional soca music with the modern BPM’s of EDM.

Crave is exclusively premiering Noise Cans’ new single, “Do It Like Ah Pro” featuring Skinny Fabulous and Danielle Viera. You can see the video here. From the jump, you can hear why the producer is signed to Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label and is releasing this new single via Feel Up Records (founded by Major Lazer’s Jillionaire). The bouncy carnival-vibing track is part club banger, part incantation and pure celebration.  

Here’s what the Noise Cans had to say about”Do It Like Ah Pro”: “Growing up soca was a huge part of my household so when I was creating this song I wanted to incorporate some of the elements that made me want to dance. Soca is all about movement and energy so this is my interpretation of it with an edm twist. Skinny Fabulous has always been one of my favorite soca acts, so he was my first choice.”

For more sights, sounds and info on Noise Cans go here (Do yourself a favor and peep his Instagram for some serious island vibes ##islandgyal)


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