A post by Peter Jordens:

Curaçaoan singer Tamara Nivillac and Cape Verdean singer Dina Medina, both resident in the Netherlands, recently released their first collaborative effort, the single ‘Mi ku Bo’. The video, with Nivillac singing in Papiamentu and Medina in Cape Verdean Creole, can be seen here.

When Nivillac released a cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ in Papiamentu earlier this year (watch it here), she received a lot of reactions from Cape Verdeans. It fascinated them that they could understand most of the lyrics and they wanted to know where Nivillac is from and what language she speaks. This attention inspired Nivillac to do some research and she discovered that Curaçao and Cabo Verde share a common history going back to the period of slavery. She then approached Dina Medina, amongst others, for cooperation. They immediately connected and the project ‘Cura meets Cabo’ was born. “‘Cura meet Cabo’ is where two cultures meet. It is a musical, warm encounter. We have a good time making music, with a message of unity and love,” Nivillac explains. “The new single is called ‘Mi ku Bo’ which means ‘Me and You’ in both languages. […] As far as I know, it’s the first time that Cape Verdean Creole and Papiamentu appear together in a song. So I think that it’s pretty special.”

Curaçaoan singer/musician Stanley Clementina produced, arranged and co-wrote ‘Mi ku Bo’. The song starts as follows in Papiamentu: “We are not so different / A seed from Mother Africa / Which blossomed, fought and became independent / Let’s celebrate our culture and music …”

Extracted and translated from (Papiamentu), and (Dutch).

Photo by Nolly Sophia,

For more about the artists, visit, and

Note: The connections between Papiamentu and Cape Verdian Creole have been explored by the late Curaçaoan writer/linguist Frank Martinus Arion (1936-2015), for example in The Kiss of a Slave: Papiamentu’s West-African Connections (1996).


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