Jamigrant: Former Mt. Vernon, N.Y. detective eyes criminal justice system in new book


A report by Jared McCalister for The New York Daily News.

Coming to America is a story shared by generations of immigrants, but author Marie Bell-Mack, a Jamaica-born retired Mt. Vernon, New York police detective, has some unique perspectives that she shares in her new book, “Jamigrant: The Story of a Jamaican Immigrant: Experiences Through Immigration, the Justice System and Teaching.”

Bell-Mack – who came from Buff Bay in Jamaica’s Portland parish to the U.S. in the 1980s – thought writing about her professional experiences could help other immigrants and aid needed criminal justice reform.

“The book is timely given the current focus on the need to reform the criminal justice system in the United States to prevent more people from falling through the cracks,” said the author, who joined the Mt. Vernon Police Department in 1995 and rose to the detective before leaving force.

Bell-Mack, who taught school in Jamaica and has now returned to the field as an adjunct professor of criminal justice, also also comments on education in the new book, which is available on Amazon and Kindle. Visitwww.mariebellmack.com for more information.

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