St. Maarten’s Migratory Bird Festival

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A report from St Maarten’s Daily Herald.

– Have you been before? 

Did you know that there are around 10,000 different species of birds worldwide? That Hummingbirds can fly backwards? That birds have hollow bones, which help them fly? Those are just a few of the cool facts about birds!

St. Maarten has 164 recorded bird species, and water birds make up a large part of the group. While 39 species are resident and breed locally, the majority of species are migrants that stop-over during the winter. The birds breed, nest and forage among the mangroves wetlands and on rocky islets in the marine park.

Learn more about the marvellous migratory birds that travel thousands of miles each year to visit or spend the winter in St. Martin at the Migratory Bird Festival. These amazing birds connect the Americas with their incredible journeys, and St. Martin plays an important role in their life cycle.

Activities at the 2016 Migratory Bird Festival will include bird watching, multimedia presentations, art activities and more! This year’s event will be held on Sunday, October 16, from 9:00am to 12:00 noon at University of St. Martin, right in the middle of the Great Salt Pond, the seasonal home of many migratory bird species.

The festival is brought to you by Les Fruits de Mer and University of St. Martin. 

Activities for the day include the following:

– Bird watching on the Great Salt Pond with Binkie van Es.

– Migratory bird-themed colouring and art activities for kids.

– Portable pond activity to learn about aquatic invertebrates.

– Bird photography coaching.

– Free Lignum Vitae/Gaïac seedling giveaway with Club Gaïac.

– Presentations about migratory birds and related topics.

More fun and educational activities will be announced. The annual Migratory Bird Festival is free for all! It is the perfect event to learn, celebrate and spend the day with friends and loved ones. Do something different on Sunday, October 16, and get your bird on at the Migratory Bird Festival!

Learn more about this event and others by Les Fruit de Mer at

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